Expanded Metal Mesh
JRD manufacture and supply quality expanded metal mesh. Our expanded metal mesh is  available in a raised or a flattened pattern in different opening sizes, materials, sheet sizes and gauges. JRD offers expanded metal mesh materials such as carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium. The metal sheet is slit and stretched uniformly; openings are made with regular gaps in different shapes, including diamond, round, square, hexagonal, etc. The openings tend to ensure the smooth flow of light, liquids and air, the strands and bonds tend to add strength and rigidity to the expanded metal mesh, making the expanded metal mesh a multipurpose product.
expanded metal expanded metal mesh expanded metal mesh for architecture micro expanded metal mesh
                Expanded metal                                              Expanded metal mesh                                      Expanded metal for architecture                           Micro expanded metal mesh

Types of Expanded Metal Mesh
Raised Expanded Metal Mesh (Standard Expanded Metal Mesh)
Raised expanded metal mesh are also called regular or standard expanded metal mesh. It is ideal when a raised, slip resistant surface is needed. Standard expanded metal mesh are available in carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel and other metal alloys in a wide variety of gauges and opening sizes. There are many applications for standard expanded metal mesh, including expanded metal catwalks, stairs and platforms, expanded metal fencing, expanded metal guards, expanded metal grating, expanded metal grilles, expanded metal infill panels, etc.
Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh
Flattened expanded metal mesh is manufactured by passing the raised expanded sheet through a cold roll flattening press. This flattens the strands and bonds surface, reducing the thickness (gauge) and elongating the pattern, creates a smooth surface, making flattened expanded metal mesh perfect for fencing, machine guards, screens, grilles, walkways, and infill panels. We provide flattened expanded metal in a wide variety of metal materials, thicknesses and opening sizes.
Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh
JRD provides architectural expanded metal in aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel in a variety of sizes, finishes in flattened or raised styles. It is lightweight, strong, aesthetically pleasing, ensuring security and privacy, controlling light, heat, and visibility, improving ventilation and aesthetic appeal. Architectural expanded metal can be adapted for use in various architectural metal projects, including expanded metal ceiling tiles, expanded metal building facades, expanded metal wall panels, expanded metal cladding, expanded metal grilles, expanded metal infill panels.
Micro Expanded Metal Mesh
Micro expanded metal mesh is suitable for use in filters, it features small openings in a lighter gauge of metal. Micro expanded metal mesh is available in both standard and flattened. It’s durable and available in many styles, we can make any shaped micro expanded metal mesh product to meet your filtration needs, including stamp or weld micro expanded metal mesh or form it into a cylinder. The mesh opeing of micro exanded metal include 0.055” x 0.105”, 0.070” x 0.150”, 0.145” x 0.295”, and many other specifications. The materials that are available for micro expanded metal mesh include stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and galvanized steel, etc.
Expanded Metal Grating (Large and heavy patterns)
Expanded metal grating has an anti-skid surface with large openings, it is a strong and economical product used in a variety of industrial, commercial, architectural and drainage applications. Our expanded metal gratings are used for bridge walkways, anti-slip flooring, stair treads, oil and gas platforms, off-shore rig flooring, water treatment plants, industrial plant construction, heavy duty fence and barrier construction. Usually expanded metal gratings are in carbon steel, aluminum for light weight applications, in stainless steel for wet, acid, alkali environments applications.
Uses & Applications of Expanded Metal Mesh
expanded metal catwalk expanded metal walkway expanded metal for fencing expanded metal highway fencing
            Expanded metal catwalk                                          Expanded metal walkway                                  Expanded metal for fencing                           Expanded metal highway fencing 

expanded metal ceiling expanded metal architecture facade expanded metal facade expanded metal cylinder
           Expanded metal ceiling                                   Expanded metal architecture facade                            Expanded metal facade                                    Expanded metal cylinder
Expanded mesh mesh widely used for:
Catwalk, walkway, anti-slip flooring, platforms, stair treads, ramps, heavy duty shelving, off-shore rig flooring.
Balustrade and barrier infill panels, security fencing, fences.
Concrete reinforcement, reinforcement in concrete slabbing, roads, paving, foundations.
Brick mesh, brick plastering mesh, brickwork reinforcement mesh, reinforced expanded coil mesh.
Ceiling tiles, ceiling panels, building facades, cladding, wall panels, sunscreens, grilles, shelving.
Filters and screens.
Machinery guards, window guards, car grilles, ventilation covers, patio furniture.
Features & Benefits of Expanded Metal Mesh
Extremely versatile
Economical & durable
Easy to install
Easily cut to fit
Allows for free passage of air, light, heat, and sound.
Many material options, such as mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized and aluminum.