Tube Filter
Material: Galvanized Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Perforated Metal. Expanded Metal
Wire/Plate Thickness: 0.1-6mm
Hole Shape: Round, Square, Rectangular,Diamond  
Type: Weaved, Welded,Perforated,
Mesh Outdiameter:5mm,10mm, 50mm,80mm, 100mm.500mm.

    1. Filtering: Tube filter used for filter solid power, Liquid, Oil and Various of filter elements 
    2. In order to make demister mesh 
    3. As screens/disc to let Gas-liquid separation, gas water separation, water-oil separation 
    4. All kinds of filter elements which used on engine on car, tractor 
    5. Used on other electron, electrical product.  

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