Perforated Metal Screen

JRD is a leader in manufacturing and supplying of perforated metal and perforated screen products. Perforated metal & sheet can be used in a range of applications, including filtration in oil & gas, petrochemical industry; separation and filtration for waste water & sewage treatment and drainage systems; perforated ceiling panels, perforated facades, perforated balustrades for architecture and building industry; perforated sieve & screen for cleaning, sorting, grading, drying of seed, grain, cereal, coffee, corn, maize, rice and legumes; hammer mill screen, grinder screen for grain milling, flour milling, animal feed milling and other grinding milling industry; cookware for food service application; and many other general industry use. We aim to offer reliable perforation solutions and excellent customer service.

Perforated Metal Slot Perforated Metal  triangular perforated metal square perforated metal
             Round Perforated Metal                                        Slot Perforated Metal                                           Triangular Perforated Metal                                  Square Perforated Metal                        
Industry Processing
Perforated Metal for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical
We produce and supply a full range of perforated metal products, including perforated metal fabricated filter tubes, filter pipes, baskets, cylinders, discs, and flat sheet panels with high quality and durability, used for oil, gas, petrochemical filtration and separation.
Oil is one of the most important and widespread sources of energy in the world today, but the process of getting the oil is long and complex. In order to get oil, it must first be extracted. Massive oil platforms use a special drill to shred through the rock, reach the oil deposit and then begin pulling the oil up through a series of heavy-duty pipes, but the oil extracted is not pure, it is a mixture of crude oil and water, natural gas, sediments and other pollutants. In order to isolate the crude oil, remove any unwanted substances, perforated metal tubes are used to help filter during the extraction process. This can save time and energy on the surface and also prevents those unwanted materials from corroding and clogging the pipes as the oil travels up to the platform. After the oil is extracted, it then will be refined, transformed into products like gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel. The first stage of the refining process involves filtering to remove any leftover particles and molecules contaminating the oil. If not completely removed, these substances can compromise efficiency and quality.
perforated metal tube Perforated Pipe perforated metal screen perforated metal plate
             Perforated Metal Tubes                                            Perforated Pipe                                                 Perforated Metal Sheet                                       Perforated Sheet

Perforated Screen for Waste Water Sewage Treatment
We have broad experience in servicing the waste water treatment industry, manufacturing both fine and coarse perforated screen for industrial and municipal water filtration equipment that provide high flow and less resistance. Our high quality perforated screen offer a solid and precise way of filtration and separation in water processing. JRD offers a variety of perforated solutions for water filtration, whether you need extreme precision, strength, high throughput, micro hole dimensions or custom made solutions to meet your requirements.
Perforated Screen Stainless Steel Perforated Screen Hole 0.8mm Perforated Screen Hole 0.5mm Perforated Screen
              Perforated Screen                                     Stainless Steel Perforated Screen                              Hole 3mm Perforated Screen                              Hole 0.5mm Perforated Screen
Architecture & Buildings 
Perforated Metal for Ceiling Panels
Perforated metal panel can be widely supplied with both functional and decorative for a ceiling in commercial and residential construction buildings. JRD offers perforated ceiling panel with a variety of unique design options, including:
Materials (aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel)
Different kinds of sheet thickness, pith, margins.
Perforation patterns (round hole, square hole, slotted-rounded ends and hexagonal pattern, etc.)
A wide variety of ceiling hole sizes (0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 3.0mm, etc.)
Finish treatment (powder coating, painted, anodized or polished)
Perforated Ceiling Perforated Metal Ceiling Perforated Metal for Decoration Perforated Metal Ceiling
Perforated Ceiling                                             Perforated Metal Ceiling                                       Perforated Metal for Decoration                          Perforated Metal Panel
Agricultural & Food Processing
Perforated Metal for Grain Cereal Cleaning & Screening
JRD provides high quality perforated metal screen and sieves for agricultural use. We make the widest range of perforated metal screen parts for different types of agricultural machinery and equipment. Perforated screen/sieve can be used in cleaning and screening/sifting for all kinds of crops, such as seed, grain, corn, wheat, rice, legume, etc. Grain cleaning and screening/sifting will remove unwanted materials, including weed, straw, chaff, husk, dust, stones, and other trash. We offer a complete range of round and slotted hole perforations in various thicknesses and materials to suit your specific needs.

Grain Cereal Ventilating & Drying
JRD manufacture superior quality perforated metal screen for drying and storage of grain, herbs, as well as other cereals. The grain drying process is very important for the storage of crops, it can prevent germination of seeds and inhibits bacterial growth. Different perforation patterns and hole sizes will affect airflow rate and drying rate. At JRD, we always offer perforated screens with the best  possible airflow and strength for you.
Perforated Screen for Grain Cleaning Perforated Screen for Seed sifting Perforated Screen for grain drying Perforated Screen for grain drier

     Perforated Screen for Grain Cleaning                   Perforated Screen for Seed Sifting                         Perforated Screen for Grain Drying                Perforated Screen for Grain Drier          

Perforated Screen for Hammer Mill, Grain Milling, Flour Milling & Animal Feed Milling
We supply an extensive range of hammer mill screen, grinder screen, perforated screen to the grain milling, flour milling and animal feed milling industry. Hammer mill screens timely maintenance and replacement is very important, it can affect your product output and quality levels. If you have any requires, please contact us, we are able to offer you replacement screens at competitive price and excellent quality.

Food processing
Perforated screen is an ideal material for the food preparation industry, as it provides efficient and even air transfer, decreasing cooling and heating times. Perforated screen can be used in a multitude of food service applications, including baking pans and trays, commercial ovens, refrigeration units, ventilation hoods, restaurant preparation equipment, and many other food preparation equipment. We provides a wide range of hole patterns in stainless steel or aluminium for your specific requirements.
hammer mill screen Grinder Mill Screen perforated metal for Coffee roaster cooling tray Perforated baking sheet pans
              Hammer Mill Screen                                                          Grinder Mill Screen                                                 
perforated metal for Coffee roaster cooling                              Perforated baking sheet pans                                          
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