Wire Mesh Basket
Material: SUS304, SUS316
Type: Welded or Weave.
Size: 250*240*60mm,350*250*60mm
          250*400*122mm, 500*400*122mm,
Surface: Polish,Brush Finish Baking Finish
Advantage: Durable, Beauty, Firm, Competitive price.
                      Various of patterns in stock
                      Fast delivery time.
Uses: Wire mesh basket widely used for the food basket, vegetable basket, industry basket, and medicine basket.  
We can produce variety of standard and non standard baskets, using SUS302,SUS304, SUS304L,SUS316,SUS316L and galvanized as the material. This product mainly used in house hold consumption and industrial goods. Household consumption are mainly fruit basket, washing basket, etc. Industrial products mainly used in schools, factories, canteens catering utensils, hospitals, factories, high-temperature environment of the acid-alkaliresisting washing basket. 

Wire Mesh Basket-1     Wire Mesh Basket-2

Wire Mesh Basket-3     Wire Mesh Basket-4

Wire Mesh Basket-5     Wire Mesh Basket-6